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Dental Crowns – Sunnyside, NY

Added Protection When You Need It Most

Dental crowns are considered to be one of the safest, most effective methods of restorative dentistry. For decades, dentists have relied on these protective “caps” to reduce the risk of reinfection and/or additional damage. Whether made from metal or more aesthetically pleasing materials such as ceramic, the team at Dent-Care Dental can ensure your tooth is safeguarded in such a way that it not only strengthens over time but offers a seamless, beautifully blended appearance. If you think you might benefit from a dental crown, contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

Why Choose Dent-Care Dental for Dental Crowns?

What is a Dental Crown?

An older man wearing a black sweater and glasses and smiling with his arms crossed after receiving dental crowns in Sunnyside

A dental crown is a piece of metal and/or ceramic that is custom-made to fit over a tooth that is weakened due to severe decay or damage.

When learning you might need a dental crown, Dr. Arthur Volker can use the in-house CAD/CAM dental lab to create your customized restoration, minimizing the number of visits required to achieve a better protected, healthier smile.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Dental Crown?

Two types of ceramic dental crowns sitting on a table next to each other

In most situations, a dental crown is used in the following situations:

It’s important to allow Dr. Volker or Dr. Chung to examine your smile in its entirety to determine the severity of the problem. Most individuals who experience severe decay or damage are eligible to receive a dental crown; however, if you are allergic to certain materials, you will need to alert your dentist in Sunnyside before moving forward.

The Dental Crown Process

A young female at work smiling and pleased with the dental crown she received

The first step in receiving a dental crown is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Volker. During this visit, he will examine your smile and take various X-Rays and images to identify the location of the problem tooth. Next, you will receive a local anesthetic before he begins to clean out the decayed areas of the tooth, filling it with a composite resin material to create a solid seal.

Once the resin is hardened using a specialized curing light, he will prep your tooth to ensure the dental crown fits properly over your natural tooth.

In other dental offices, you can expect to be fitted with a temporary and return in a few weeks to have the permanent crown put into place. At Dent-Care Dental, there is no need for a temporary crown. Instead, we will use special Computer-Aided Design & Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) to create your restoration 100% digitally, making any necessary changes before it is sent to the 3D printer or a nearby milling machine. These in-house devices make it possible for us to craft your dental crown in little time, saving you a second trip to the dentist’s office and allowing you to enjoy a fully restored smile much sooner.

What Are the Benefits to Dental Crowns?

An up-close look at how a milling unit creates a dental crown during a single appointment

When decay and damage are keeping you from enjoying the smile you once had, dental crowns can be a life-changing solution. Not only will they better protect your weakened tooth, but they also: